December 24, 2015

Zachary Lusk.

He was loved and respected by many.
His quick smile,
His big heart.
My adolescent years are full of memories with him.
It has been years.. but Zachary, Thank you.
Thank you for your light and your love.

One thing we will never understand in this life is God's timing.

Forever a King in my eyes.

December 17, 2015


I had a recipe.
In my mind it was perfect, ready to be cooked into a wonderful happily ever after.
He had a different plan for me.
Its become some what of a motto, stand on my foundation and look heavenward.
Trust in the plan He has.

I loved speaking in church. I was humbled to look out and see so many people that mean so much to me. I'm grateful for my team.

I'm grateful for my mission and all that it has taught me. It was a glorious 'Homecoming'.

I spoke on something my mission president taught us when we departed:
Our foundation is made up of all of our spiritual experiences.
Our foundation is Christ.
When life throws us a curve ball (a doubt or a trial) we have two choices.
1- step off our foundation by saying "well it must not be true"
2- Hold on to what we do know, those spiritual experiences we have had,
turn our doubts or concerns into questions,
and look heavenward for our answers.

I've seen people take both paths which has help me know what path I want to take.

Now I must live what I preached.

December 7, 2015

An Old Blog, A New Me

I'M BACK!!!! Coming home was horribly wonderful.
Being home is horribly wonderful.
It's all the same and all different. I'm the same and different.

It went a bit like this.
The last few days in the mission field were are an emotional blur. Bitter-sweet goodbyes. A highly spiritual temple trip and interview with my mission President, President Clayton that brought me great peace. A sleepless night and then it was here..
I traveled home. The single longest day of the whole 18 months. I rolled into Salt Lake late in the afternoon dreading the 3+ hours I had to wait for my final flight to St. George.
When I walked off the plane my heart dropped, there stood my beautiful older sister in a Toronto jersey holding a sign that said "Welcome Home, Hermana." I was so happy and so confused to why and how she was there.
Turns out mom really didn't want me to be alone and bought Haley a ticket to fly home with me. Mom is the best right? Haley was on her mission to Nicaragua when I left so we had a lot to chat up on. Those few hours with her are precious to my heart.

It was the middle of the night when we flew over St. George but I closed my eyes for a moment and pictured the red rocks and brilliantly white temple of my favorite place in the world- HOME.
Walking through those glasses doors and embracing my parents, siblings, family and friends was like a dream! How I had missed them.

I was released as a full-time missionary at 2 something in the morning. 4am Toronto time. I was running on straight adrenaline. I was blessed to sitting down with an incredible man who is both my Stake President and my Dad. We talked about my Savior Jesus Christ and how I had come to know him as I faithfully wore His name. Taking that tag off was tangibly painful. Harder than I ever imagined. The perfect way to share that moment was to be with my parents, just the three of us. I have the greatest parents and they continued to be rock-stars as I go up and down on the daily.

It's been a weird couple of days, trying to figure out how I fit back into this world that I left behind.
It been wonderful to have Jeff & Justina and Haley & Braden to understand me, love me and support me. Michael's always been my main man and has gone above and beyond in the welcoming home category. I love them- my family. The 2 new members fit in like they've always been there.

The dog is new but Coco and I bond on morning runs, she is faster than me.
In conclusion, I'm back to blogging now. New adventures ahead. Same blog but a new Megan ready to take on all the world has to offer me!