February 29, 2016

My Best Bud is 5

Leap year... My whole life that concept has only had one meaning-
I remember a conversation I had with Mom once about the friendship Aubrey (Farrer) Cook and I have. It doesn't really make logical sense that we stayed as close as we have throughout childhood, highschool and now adulthood. We are a year apart (me older, her wiser), we went to different schools, grew up in different wards, have lived in different cities/countries and yet.. she knows me better than most.
You know those people you can go a good chunk of time without seeing and then the second you're together again all feels right in the world? That's my Aubs.
She loves me for me and has put up with plenty of my tears on her pillow. She has never been afraid to tell me what she really thinks and I've never been afraid to hear it because I know she is on my team and wants what is best for me. That is true friendship in my opinion. She is such a blessing! I'm glad I can still have her on my speed dial of support.
I don't worry about us staying friends.. my life would be incomplete without her.
I can't wait to celebrate her 6th, 7th, 14th, 20th and every Birthday in-between.
Happy 5th BEAUTIFUL Best Friend!!!
And I love Dylan too, because he makes her happy. Team Cook!

Monday Morning

I woke up early,
wrote a paper,
ate breakfast (for the first time all semester),
and made it to class on time.
It was the most magical of Monday mornings.
Just ask my roommate those are normally really hard for me. When I went to bed Sunday night I prayed hard asking for help this week to come out on top. It is only Monday afternoon but as I've watched for His hand in my life today- I've seen it.
It is in the sunshine, the funny group text message, the fact I stayed awake in class and so much more.
I'm feeling optimistic about the busy week ahead and wanted to document this moment.
 "...the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." 1 Nephi 1:20
Life is full of His tender mercies and He can make me mighty.

February 28, 2016

Share Goodness

Friday afternoon brought me one of my favorite experiences in the House of the Lord.
We build temples so we can be together forever with those we love most. My cutest roommate Carly had some family file names that needed sealings done. As I sat in that room with the most adorable old man, complete strangers and these two roommates that I love dearly I felt the most amazing spirit.
I haven't felt that peaceful or content with life in months. I listened to the words and thought back to my siblings weddings. I listened to the words and thought about the people who were waiting for this to take place. I listened to those words and thought of my Savior who made salvation possible. We took the opportunity to sit in the celestial room for a few minutes and I thought of my family... my forever family. Forever because of the promises my parents made and stay faithful to.
I am so blessed. I felt so much gratitude for my people, my team, my family.
I wish I had to word to explain.
For those who are unfamiliar with LDS temples and what is done inside you can learn more -> HERE


I had to add a few family pictures because https://funnyfacephoto.smugmug.com/ did such a great job.. I love these pictures because I love these people soooooooo much!

February 22, 2016

In my corner

It was Mom's Birthday...
and among all the craziness I never got the chance to write a bit of Birthday love.
 There isn't really a way for me to put my love for her into words. She is my first life-line. She is my hero. She is my role model. She is my friend. She is selfless in her love for me. She is honest with me and says the hard things. She gives 100% in everything she does. She is intelligent. She is funny- so funny. She is supportive. She is patient. She is a teacher, councilor, life-coach. She is everything I hope to one day be.
Truly blessed with the best. 
This is my favorite picture of my mom. It was taken after one of my Cross Country races. I don't think I ran very well that race. There were many finish lines when Mom would hold me and just let me cry. I took this picture with me on my mission and pulled it out numerous times trying to channel the comfort of one of those hugs. If I close my eyes I can still hear her like those days of high school running were yesterday..
"you go girl.. you got this Mo.. dig deep"
She was there
every race
every day of my mission
and every day since.
I call mom almost every single day. She answers. She continues to love me and never expects anything in return.
I don't know what it is like to be a Mother yet but I know what it feels like to be loved by one.
Elder Holland says it best in his last conference talk.. [link]
No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child.

Happy Birthday to the most important person in my world.

February 9, 2016


I keep waiting to post about two very special days because I want professional pictures BUT can't wait any longer. I will just download some from facebook! The intense desire I have to post now might be credited to how much I miss my people today or how excited I am to see them in just a few days.

Haley & Bradon


Their story is a fun one. Bradon was my brother's mission companion. He dealt with lots of teasing for having a crush on Haley. Haley just thought he was a flirt and didn't realize how much he really liked her. Their beginning didn't go as perfectly as it could have but they stayed good friends. I heard Bradon say once how he knew he just had to wait in the friend zone for the right time. That time came when Haley came back from her mission to find that he was one of the only people she felt comfortable around.

Why I love my new brother- He treats my sister like a queen. I've never seen such selfless love. I have no doubt that he would do ANYTHING for my Haley. And because he loves her so much, he loves us. It is like he has been a Frodsham his whole life. Coming home from a mission is hard but gosh did Heavenly Father bless me with good people to come home to. Those first few days Bradon would give me a hug, tell me that he loved me and how happy and excited they were to have me home. He tells me I'm pretty which is a hard thing for a girl to feel. He has my back 100%. He is a brother by every definition of the word. I'm grateful for his kindness!

Their wedding day was magical. So picture perfect. They were like a pinterest couple!!! It was so fun and exciting! It was the first sealing I had ever attended and what a powerfully perfect one it was. I watched them cry the most beautiful tears I had ever seen and felt an overwhelming spirit of conformation that they were right for each other. He is good, She is good and THEY are GREAT together!

Jeff & Justina


I loved reading Jeff's e-mails when he started dating Justina. He was so excited about the cute return missionary that spoke Spanish. I wasn't surprised in the least bit when he told me they were going to get married. I didn't know her but I had zero concerns. The spirit had spoken to my heart that this was right. When I got home from my mission it felt so normal to have her there, kind of like she had always been there. The best part was I had never seen my brother so happy and he is a happy person.
Why I love my new sister- She recognizes what an incredible person my brother is. She noticed his humility and wrote me about it when I was on my mission. She is a grateful recipient of his kindness. She lets Jeff be Jeff- goofy and emotional. She looks at him with big sparkly eyes that scream pure love and joy. She has great faith! Justina wears her testimony on the outside for the world to see. She is never ashamed of what she believes. I am grateful for her example!
They bring out the best in each other. They are a good team. Their wedding day was crazy but I don't think they noticed. They only saw each other. So many smiles and kisses. Their sealer talked a lot about their future family- can you imagine better parents? I sure can't.

All day as I watched them and thought - this is what I want. I want someone to look at me like that. I want to look at someone else that way. Their look said it all. Complete trust and dedication to their future together.

One open house in St. George left and the the happily ever afters are in full swing but I will never forget those two cold mornings at the temple. I watched, listened and recommitted to my goal. I'm in no hurry to get married but when that day comes I want this...
pure bliss, lasting joy,
magical moments and meaningful memories.

A Valentine's Day Post

it means something different to each of us.
I think it wasn't until the last few years that I really began to understand what it meant to me.

There is the kind of love you dream about, find in cheesy movies or watch everyone around you fall in and out of (at an alarming rate in Provo). This kind of love comes quickly and fades slowly. It cuts deep and leaves scars. It is exciting and dangerous. You open yourself up to being hurt a lot when you play this game of love. Maybe I'm bitter but this is my least favorite kind of love.

Then there is a more consistent love. I have been blessed immensely with this kind of love!!! It comes from those who know the very worst sides of you but love you anyway. They love you too much to let you make stupid decisions. They're love is strong enough to be honest even when it's hardest to be. This love lasts despite time or distance.

Most importantly there is a perfect and pure love. This love has no limits. His love is for everyone... it is for me. I have felt my Saviors love carry me, heal me and fill me.
"He hath filled me with His love, even unto the consuming of my flesh." 2 Nephi 4:21
It is His love and His commandment for us to love that I hope to focus on this Valentine's Day.

February 4, 2016

101% Megan

I remembered today why I love this place. My own space to put anything I want to say.
I sat down with my writing teacher today to go over the rough draft of my paper. She wasn't mean and everything she criticized was valid and helpful...
I like writing here. Here is where no one can tell me I'm wrong. No one can double tap this page. It won't get any "likes" and it might never be read by anyone but me.. and that is perfectly fine.
This place is mine. My free therapy. My preachy, murmuring, and honest. My darkest secrets and deepest dreams. (well I guess there is always a limit due to the fact that this is indeed the internet but this is as close as we will get.)
This www. is 101% Megan.

Now I'll get back to the 9 page narrative that needs some TLC because unlike this blog, it is graded.

February 2, 2016

Forget Me Not

Dear Canada Toronto Mission,
It is colder in Provo today than it is in Toronto. I've successful survived without you for 2 months today. 2 months without your maple leaves, diversity, overpriced cereal or milk in a bag.  It feels a lot longer than 2 months since someone has called me Hermana. A long time since I wore a name tag.
I miss you.
I will never forget you. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the people I fell in love with there. God bless them, watch over them and help them not forget me.
In all reality two months really isn't that long but today it feels like an eternity.
How many months will it be until I get to come back? Far too many.
I may have had to leave but I left a big part of me with you.
With all my love,
Hermana Frodsham


February 1, 2016

a lunch date

The plan was to quickly grab something to eat and then spend as much time as possible in the library.
We never made it to the library but that was the best lunch date I've had in a long while.
Neither of us really know how to help the other. We are both hopeless lost but it is goo to have someone to be lost with.