October 28, 2016

Jacob Lake + Facebook Official

I spent a few incredible days in one of the most beautiful places with the most charming guy.
I'm a pretty lucky girl if you ask me (or if you ask anyone who knows Thomas).
It is hard to explain what that weekend was like- struggling to find words to describe the way it felt to be there. (And to be blunt a lot of it was also too special for the blog anyway but my journal and I had a good time.)
It was so fun to see Thomas in the place I hear so many stories about. His family has owned Jacob Lake for a couple generations. Growing up Thomas spent every summer there and you can tell he loves it. I had the opportunity to meet most of his immediate family. The idea of meeting them actually terrified me but I had nothing to be afraid of. They were so nice and easy to be with. I think I probably spent more time with them without Thomas than I did with him there. He was busy that weekend and I was lazy. He worked as a waiter and I creepily watched him charm every table. I knew he was good at it but it was fun to watch just how good. I made a few salads and wiped off a couple of tables but for the most part I just ate a lot and chatted with T's mom or sister.
If you are looking for a good vacation location I would highly recommend a Grand Canyon get away.
Everything I ate there felt like the new best thing I had eaten. I couldn't get over the trees or how perfect the weather was. It was nothing short of magical.
The first night we went to look at the stars. I don't remember exactly how many shooting stars I saw but it was a good number. There were so many stars in the sky and in my eyes. I felt a little like I was living a scene of a romance movie; curled up next to the most incredible boy under a sky that looked photo-shopped my heart raced a million beats per minute. I truly was star struck and stayed that way all weekend. I can't wait to go back.
It was dreamy to have T kiss me goodnight and then be the first person I saw the next morning when he came to get me for breakfast. His college apartment really isn't that far away from mine but compared to down the hall it might as well be in the next city. We were spoiled. I picked the movie one night and fell asleep in the first 10 minutes and of course he didn't wake me up because he is nice even if I put his arm to sleep. He treats me like a queen. I'm so lucky to call him mine!
I always said I would never make a relationship Facebook official. I had my reasons. However, when Thomas asked me about it all those reasons didn't seem to apply. Sooooo we are Facebook official and as silly as it seems I couldn't be happier about it. He is wonderful in every way and I will gladly call dibs on him- Facebook and all.
It is crazy to look back on the last couple of months and think that he hasn't been around as long as I feel like he has. We joke all the time that we have been dating for years not months. I've never been happier (insert corny heart eye emoji)

October 19, 2016

Narrow Lights Photography

Her name is Alisa Bench, she has been a big blessing in my life and she can make anyone feel photogenic. I loved being her model for a day. I would highly recommend her.
Check her out HERE
HERE on instagram

October 13, 2016

Just Because

I told Thomas I wanted to see the leaves.
So we did.
And it was magical!

Thanks to Steven and Rachel for taking lots of pictures for us.
(if I knew we were gonna have a photo shoot I probably would have done my hair more.. oh well they're still pretty cute cuz have you seen how handsome he is??? I have such a big crush on him shhhhh)
(LOL.... can't do serious faces, trying soooo hard not to laugh)
I am such a picture addict and T is soooo good at letting me take them. This post actually has no purpose other than I wanted to save these pictures on here. xoxo so happy!!!

Fall Feels

The many colors of the trees and the late afternoon sunlight,
The soft sweaters and well worn boots,
The pumpkin cookies and coco,

It's my favorite time of year and there are a hundred things I want to blog about. It has been on my to do list for weeks now but midterms, work and Stranger Things (yes, Netflix with Thomas would be on the top of your priority list too if you were me) have kept my days full.

Today I do have to document my gratitude for miracles from Heaven. I sure am nervous to take my New Testament midterm tomorrow but one answer I do know without a doubt is that miracles are real. Christ performed miracles then and the same power performs them now.
My Grandpa went in for an emergency heart surgery yesterday morning. My whole family has been very prayerful and anxious. It truly was miraculous the things the doctors were able to do. I can't explain how grateful I am that he will be going home. He is the most incredible person and I love him so much.

It is sad that it takes big things like that to encourage me to pray fervently. I started a blog post a couple weeks back that I never finished about becoming too relaxed in my testimony.
Midterms had begun and Thomas had an exercise physiology test (because he is smart and takes classes like exercise physiology). Before the test I said I would pray for him and upon sending the text message a thought came with it...
"Did I even pray this morning?"

My spirit has been at such peace lately that I have begun to get too comfortable with my life. I'm not complain about being happy. I have been soooo happy lately. However, I'm sad to admit my prayers are hurried or in the case of that Wednesday morning-forgotten completely. My scripture study has become nothing more than fulfilling New Testament assignments.
Why is it that when life is sunny I do this? and then when a storm cloud rolls in I'm back to pleading in my prayers and searching in my scriptures.
It isn't something I'm proud to admit but it is legitimate. When Grandpa went in for surgery I was back on my knees praying the way I should be praying everyday. This last Sunday my fast was meaningful- the way it should be every month.
As a missionary I told myself I would never just go through the motions. It hasn't even been a year since I came home and I have forgotten. Because of the beauty of forgiveness I can "un-forget" and remember what it is like to live my life needing strength beyond my own. No matter how happy I find myself I still know true happiness doesn't come without heavenly help.

My walk home from campus includes the prettiest trees and stream. It is always a good day when I have a few minutes to sit on a bench and listen to the ducks quack. It is a perfect 60-75 degrees outside these days. As I've sat there enjoying the blue sky, warm sunshine, cool air and fall colors- I've pondered:
I'm grateful to be happy. I'm grateful for miracles & forever families. I'm grateful to remember to live the habits I told myself I always would.
and I'm grateful for Fall.