April 24, 2016

Check Point part 2- summer 2k16

Leaving Provo was hard. The last days were some of my favorite days. We adventured as if it was going to be our last, stayed up WAY too late and made good use of the selfie stick.
Maybe driving away from Provo and people who were really hard to say goodbye to was the only way to realize how much I might actually like that place. I'm already excited for the Fall.
Until then there are a few things I need to do.

Things I hope to gain from this summer:
+ Rediscover my taste in music
+ Figure out what to tell people when they ask what are my intersts and hobbies
+ take family file names to the temple and do baptisms with Michael
+ Be adventurous, make memories and new friends (starting with havasupia in May)
+ Learn to love Megan again
+ Pick a major make a 3 yr rolling plan
+ Train for a half marathon and register to run one in the Fall
+ Make some money
+ Meet new people
+ Read the book of mormon
+ Finish my mission scrapbook
+ Keep a journal
+ Clean slate
+ Learn to play the uke
+ Improve my Spanish
+ Taco Tuesdays
+ Tan my Canadian white skin
+ Have a missionary experience

I read my list to mom. She laughed at the fact that it varies from get a tan to rediscover Megan. It is a little on the random side but I've always been a list maker. This summer feels important to me and I want to make sure I don't miss this opportunity make it everything I have hoped and prayed for it to be.

April 17, 2016

Check Point

I took the hardest test of my life Saturday morning. I was physically shaking afterwards.. I'm not even being metaphorical here.. I was shaking. Dang finals. 2/5 done.. we got this! It was sad so I came home and left straight on a run. I always end up at the temple. I sat there to catch my breath and ended up sitting on the grass for a long time and writing a rough draft of the following on my phone. It wasn't even a nice day out- cold and slightly windy. BUT there was a nice feeling and I did a little reflecting on the last few months.

Things I have learned, am grateful for or some favorites from this last semester (in no particular order)...

1. I have been so grateful for my cousin William. He will never know what those lunches, invites to crazy house parties or late night in&out runs at 12:01am every "Monday morning" meant to me. He is an incredible person and I love being his friend. Going to school with him is a joy!

2. I have learned how important it is to have a safe place. My safe place this last semester was a quick 8 minute drive to the Coreys. I found peace, comfort and most importantly people who loved me unconditionally at my aunt and uncles house. I did my laundry there, ate dinner there, vented, trusted, cried, laughed and felt so safe there.

3. I could write a million separate posts about my party of 8, Frodsham Swag members, forever family... they are my world. Being away from them always spotlights just how much they mean to me. I love them with every part of myself.

4. Mom and Dad.. they are the reason I can keep moving. I call mom a couple of times a day. Dad sends texts at just the right moment. I can not thank them enough for what they have done to get me and then keep me here this semester.

5. One of the most prominent things that sticks out from my first semester at BYU has been what it means to be a true homie. I saw a cheesy pinterest quote the other day that said something like "be careful who you make memories with, those things stick around forever." As I look back on my favorite memories I'm grateful for those who helped me create them. Cole and Charlie will mostly likely never see this.. which means I should probably thank them in person for being the truest of homies. They add excitement and spontaneity to my college nights.

6. Fast food really isn't about the food. I treasure the moments I spent in McDonalds, Wendy's or Chic Flia with Kira. I will miss that this summer. Not because I will crave chicken nuggets but because I will crave the conversation and therapy those nights brought me.

7. Late night drives. This has always been a favorite activity. It like the above became medicinal.

8. Yoga with my roommates... It was one of the only nights we all did something together. Yes there is still a scar on my foot from months ago when I cut it open falling from a couples yoga position. That pain was a small price to pay for the fun we had being friends that night.

9. Making new friends is harder than I remember it being. I'm grateful for those who made it easier. Alisa, Brendon, Cole, Charlie, John, Allie, Paige, Ryan, Vince, Chris, Morgan etc. It is easy to make casual one time friends but those that carry on to the next weekend... glad I have a few more of those. The kindness of new friends= tender mercies.

10. Old friends.. reconnecting with people from the past or calling those who live in other cities. I have always been a people person. Another thing I was reminded of this semester was the importance of investing in those relationships that you want to matter down the road. A lot of times that means sacrificing for it. I had a lot of people sacrifice for me these last few months and it didn't go unnoticed.

11. A note to future me: Don't pass up a good dance party. The homework, sleep or responsibility are good but at the end of the semester but the dance parties are remembered.

12. Be Kind to Yourself. (my life motto of late). Take care of Megan. I need quality sleep, sunshine and exercise (and the frequent Dr. Pepper of course). It is a work in progress but I'm figuring this one out little by little. Megan is a little high maintenance.

13. Don't try to be who you were. Coming home from a mission has been a complex puzzle. I struggled the first few month to figure out how I fit into this world I came back to. I couldn't be Hermana Frodsham, I tried being high school Megan which REALLY didn't work and freshman year at USU Megan just felt wrong. It was like this whole identity crisis. The past 2 or 3 weeks I've started to feel myself begin to settle into 21 year old, still trying to figure out her life Megan...it has been better.

14. Being back in the mountains. I missed those things.

15. I learned the danger of expectations. People hurt and disappoint you. Things don't turn out the way you thought they would. Life isn't a fairy tale. Yes, this is cynical. I'm not gonna sugar coat that one.

16. It is okay to ask for help. Help from heaven, home and health care professionals. I have been grateful for all three.

17. There is great power in daily scripture study. I felt the difference on the days I missed that half hour.

18. There is no place like home. I'm so excited to spend the summer in the red dirt and blazing sun.

April 12, 2016

Trouble comes in 3

I should be studying for finals.. I have 5 of them and a paper still... woof.
BUT I needed just a really quick break to write about the 2 people that complete my perfect trio.
Kira, Carly and I become fast friends up in Logan. I loved them so much then but I would have never guessed just how important they would become to my life.
I have been a handful this semester, lots of emotions. They been my consistency in a world of changes and struggles.
I'm so grateful for good friends who love me more on days I don't love myself,
friends who will fight for our friendship,
friends who are honest about if your outfit looks bad,
friends who snapchat back and screenshot the bad ones,
friends who stay up and indulge in late night drives,
friends who make me feel needed, wanted and important,
friends who have testimonies and use them,
friends who listen to me even if I've told the same sad story a hundred times,
friends who plead to our Heavenly Father in my behalf,
friends who give hope to what sometimes seems like a gloomy future,
friends who make me laugh,
friends like Carly and Kira.
a little pre-mission flash back haha

April 10, 2016

oh to be in love

I helped a photographer friend with a few different shoots this last weekend.

  • We started with some flawless engagements
  • then we hid in the bushes to capture the magical moment of a perfect proposal (one of my very best friends, excited beyond belief for them)
  • we then spent the evening up cotton wood canyon working with the dreamy pine trees for some beautiful bridals.

It was a LONG day but so so so much fun. You can check out my friends pictures on her blog in the coming days. LINK

I've always been a hopeless romantic. I am that girl that cries in cheesy movies and squeals during the proposal story.. and I'm okay with that.
I love love!
As I watched these three couples on Saturday I was fascinated by their relationships. They all had different stories, personalities and ways of expressing their affection. I don't believe that there is just one person out there for everyone but I do know it doesn't work with anyone. These love birds fit together so smoothly and were better together than they are apart.

after we finished up that night I got home, grabbed some food and waited for my homies to come pick me up. We had a blast, a seriously wild fun night (wild by Provo standard that is). I loved it and yet I look forward to the day when my Saturday night will be predictable. When I know exactly who I'll be spending it with and it wont matter what the night consists of as long as he is in close proximity.
Now I'm sure this sounds sooo typical BYU girl of me but I'm not "marriage hungry". I'm not looking to be there just yet. I just got a sneak peak at what the future might look like a couple years from now and it is exciting to dream about.

Ideally falling in love will sneak up on me in some way that makes a great story to tell people for years.

To him,
If this blog is still around when you come around.. thank you for making me annoyingly happy.