January 27, 2014

slipping, sliding and skating

Winter you might just win me over if you give me more nights like this.
 Good old FHE and always a special Thanks for Nicole's beautiful pictures!

A night of good friends and a few laughs can do wondrous things to an emotional day. I'll be going to bed with fond memories dancing skating through my head.

mi hermana

Her email this week brought tears to my eyes.
I wiped them away in the middle of my least favorite class and read her words over and over again.
The things she said were powerful and brought a great deal of comfort and peace to my recently aching heart.
Today I thank my Father in Heaven for my sister mi hermana,
the words I needed to hear
and the spirit and love I needed to feel.
I really miss Hermana Frodsham today!

~ode to my favorite sister~
(She turned 21 a couple weeks ago and I wrote this list)
21 reasons I love my sister
-She is funny
-She is honest
-She is a hard worker
-She thinks of others
-She has great style
-She is a good role model
-She is my friend as well as my sister
-She is positive
-She is a good missionary
-She is dependable
-She has a strong testimony
-She is very pretty but not vain
-She is energetic
-She goes the extra mile
-She give good advice
-She is patient
-She is kind
-She knows how to have fun
-She is motivating and inspirational
-She is brave
-She is one of a kind and I am lucky to have her in my life!
I love Haley for lots of reasons but 21 of the reasons are^

Don't I have some phenomenal photos saved on my computer? She makes me happy!!!

January 23, 2014

a different world

I got a glimpse of your world and that was all I needed.
I may not fit in there but I have never nor will I ever want to.
Don't act like I have judged you for I have been judged far more.

It's good to have some weird experiences. It wouldn't be college without them. It's weeks like these that I'm extremely grateful for the knowledge I have about who I am and where I want to end up. Life is beautiful, don't waste it.

(two vague posts in a row, sorry about that)

January 21, 2014

unblinking stare

I don't know what it is that is so intriguing about those bright eyes.
I had forgotten what it felt like to be looked at- to be studied.
I'm frustrated by how much time I have spent trying to analyze what might be going on inside the head of Mr. Cool and Collected.

I'll probably never know but I wont be quick to forget that unblinking stare.

January 18, 2014

Call me Hermana Frodsham

Hi there Toronto!

It is the perfect call for me. Heavenly Father really does know me. I'm having a hard time finding words for this post but there are a lot of really great pictures thanks to my roommate Nicole to make up for it.

June 4th 2014 I will enter the Provo MTC.  I have been called to serve as a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Toronto, Canada mission. I will preach the gospel in the SPANISH language.

My feeling are hard to put into words. Big City in Canada makes me really excited but the part that made me really cry was reading "You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language." Those who have read a mission call know what I mean when I talk about overwhelming peace. Every new piece of information I pick up about my mission only adds to my firm testimony that there is no better place for me to serve.

I am the luckiest newly called missionary in the world because I have the greatest support system. I was fortunate to have some of those people I love very most with me when I opened my call. I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my friends and family.

Who has the best friends in the world? oh yeah I do!!! Seriously these girls are angels. I love them!

Another favorite part of this experience has been emailing the news to my friends and sister who are currently serving. Their responses have been so fun to read. I can't wait to serve with them. An army is out there and I just enlisted! Here I come freezing cold Canada!!!

January 14, 2014

I'll go, I'll do, I'll be dear Lord

It may not be on the mountain height
Or over the stormy sea,
It may not be at the battle's front
My Lord will have need of me.
But if, by a still, small voice he calls
To paths that I do not know,
I'll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in thine:
I'll go where you want me to go.

I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord,
Over mountain or plain or sea;
I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord;
I'll be what you want me to be.

Perhaps today there are loving words
Which Jesus would have me speak;
There may be now in the paths of sin
Some wand'rer whom I should seek.
O Savior, if thou wilt be my guide,
Tho dark and rugged the way,
My voice shall echo the message sweet:
I'll say what you want me to say.

There's surely somewhere a lowly place
In earth's harvest fields so wide
Where I may labor through life's short day
For Jesus, the Crucified.
So trusting my all to thy tender care,
And knowing thou lovest me,
I'll do thy will with a heart sincere:
I'll be what you want me to be.


Tomorrow, tomorrow the sun will come out tomorrow my mission call will be here......tomorrow. It's only a day away.

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel..." Mark 16:15

I haven't been sleeping well. You know the waking up a lot during the night kind of deal. The consequence has been falling asleep in class or while doing homework... the struggle is real. Concentrating on school work is nearly impossible- like the two papers I should be writing right now... yep, that's not working out well. My education is in jeopardy now so this process really needs to hurry along. Although I might miss my "mission call dreams" 70% of the time I end up in Nicaragua or Ukraine but let's be honest, I think Heavenly Father and I both know those would be bad ideas. I'm just anxious to hold that white envelope.

January 10, 2014

It's a roller-coaster.

       scared                              enthused
               worried         reassured        impatient        eager
                        nauseous                               agitated          on edge
                                                                                                       READY AND WAITING.

January 6, 2014


Tonight I feel a bit unsure and a little afraid
Spring semester starting
Mission Call waiting
unwanted information and old memories
depressing and worrisome email from a Texas missionary

Maybe it is a Birthday high hangover. I'm not sure what I am even trying to say but sometimes blogging helps me sort through my emotions and tonight I need that.
Today was overwhelming
Tonight I feel anxious

You better believe I read the end of this email a billion times today. Thank goodness for #missionarymondays
"ppppps not going to lie everyone once and awhile in my prayers i say "Heavenly Father if it would be ok with you i wouldn't mind if megan got her call to ukraine" ya i don't know if it is going to work
pppppps fasted for you yesterday....go kick satans butt today!"

Satan works in tricky ways. When I woke up I didn't know I would need those words as much as I did. It sure isn't going to be an easy semester but Mom once told me college isn't supposed to be easy or everyone would do it. (something along those lines sorry if I killed your quote mom)

January 5, 2014


Here is to the last year as a teenager!!!
It was weird not to be at home for my Birthday but what a GREAT day it was.
Why not cram 50 people into our tiny apartment sized living room. It was perfect to me- I LOVE parties and people!
To quote Grandma "no matter how old you get, you need birthdays". I think she is very right. I felt so loved and blessed. People are kind.
I remember when 19 sounded soooo old. I feel so young.

I honestly believe this to be the worlds best older brother and most incredible roommate!!!

January 1, 2014

A New Year

I can't even wrapped my mind around how much I have changed in one year. Looking back on the last year I am overwhelmed by the memories and the blessings that have come my way.
Shall we take a walk down memory lane?

Started the year off by turning 18 and getting my first real heart break all in the same weekend (Happy Birthday to me right?). As hard as it was I can't express how grateful I am that the girl I was and that relationship didn't follow me through the year. It was a good thing to leave in 2012.
Throughout the next few months it felt like a whole world of possibilities and people opened up and I was first in line. How I loved the last half of my Senior year. I didn't run track and for the first time since before 9th grade I didn't have practice after school. That time was filled with long talks with friends, stick shift lessons with the one and only Zack Paddock, applying for schools and scholarships and the beginning of a new job.
That job was incredible. Working with Hilary was hard a lot of days but rewarding every day. Hilary has special needs and is the closest person to an angel I have ever met. I worked for her family through the summer until I left for school.
Among struggling in the battle against Senioritis and making it to class I worked on my dream of doing a school wide Lib Dub. That will forever be one of my favorite things I was a part of in high school.
I said a hard goodbye to my favorite sister as she left to preach the gospel in Nicaragua in April.
Before I knew it Senior Sluff (the most amazing day in Zion), Graduation and Grad night and an amazing lake Powell senior trip past and high school was over. I loved Pine View High School. #pantherpride
2013 brought me Adam Esplin and those first weeks of summer were blissful with him playing a main role. I met Adam on a blind date in the spring and it's a little embarrassing how fast and hard I fell for his quick smile and genuine personality. He treated me the way every young women's lesson teaches you a boy is supposed to treat a girl. Before Adam I didn't know if I really believed such a boy existed. Not once did I open a door or feel less about myself in his presence. He is what every girl dreams of finding. My summer with Adam didn't last long. In June he left on an LDS mission and I found my self more sad than I could have prepared for. However, as we exchange letters and e-mails I'm reminded that he is where he is supposed to be.
The rest of the summer found me eager for a change as I said goodbye to so many friends going on missions and leaving for college. I watched my best friend get married in the temple and couldn't help but be a little sad that we weren't "kids" anymore.
That same weekend I started my journey as a college student. The last 5 months as an Aggie have been some of the most spiritual, trying, adventurous and memorable times of my life. I always thought I would go to BYU and maybe one day I will end up there but when it came down to picking between USU and the Y I knew where I wanted to be. It was in Logan. There have been some really hard days but when I look back on my first semester I am amazed at how much fun I was able to fit into a few months. The people I have met and the experiences I have had are shaping me into the person I want to be. Moving away from home was harder than I imagined it would be. I missed a lot of things from home. As time went on I began to fall in love with Logan, Utah.
Starting over in a new place I was ready to reinvent myself but what I learned was the person I had been was the person I wanted to be. I received a calling to teach relief society and have loved the study. Thanks to the example of a wonderful roommate my scripture study is consistent again. My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of my Savior has never been stronger. Throughout all of the changes that have happened in the last year I find peace in the consistency and truthfulness of the gospel. It is that knowledge and love I feel that has made me eager to share what I know with others and...

My mission papers were submitted today and I can't think of any better way to start 2014.

I've heard it said that a picture says more than words. Here are a few from 2013