June 14, 2016

Mr. Ganowsky

A boy was not on the summer to do list.
Dating is a scary and tricky game.
I also don't really like writing about boys on my blog.
But since I suck at writing in my journal...
He is kind and patient.
I have thrown a lot at him these past couple of weeks and he has taken it like a champ.
He came by tonight (and almost lost at some Super Smash Brothers- we ended on a tie)
and brought with him the prettiest, sweetest smelling rose.
I asked him why and he asked if I needed an excuse. um cute! Points for him!

Points for his story telling skills
Points for the fact that he watched the notebook with me this week because I wanted to
and he didn't complain once even at the ridiculous parts
Points for understanding Canada and all things CTM.
Points for taco nights and long drives,
for dancing in the desert and a new CD for my car.
Points for private concerts and late night texting conversations.
Points for many things...lots and lots and lots of points for listening.

Grateful for Garrison!

The Wombats

I have been to a couple of concerts in my youth but I would probably count this as my first legit concert experience. I didn't know the first thing about the Wombats but happily agreed to take off on an adventure. Those boys put up with a pretty moody Megan on the drive up, bless them.
//Road trip//

I don't know what was more fun- watching the wombats or watching Mr. Ganowsky watch the wombats? I don't think I'll be going to these types of things without him. I was afraid I was gonna get smashed a few times.

It was strange to see my two world collide for an evening. I've missed my girls and it was wonderful to be with them even if it was for just one glorious night.

When I got home the next day I excitedly made my family listen to my favorite songs and was a bit offended when they didn't love it. Mom had to remind me that it was okay if they didn't like it haha
I guess I have become a little attached!

Successfully making progress on the goal of experimenting with music. Grateful for a boy who has lots of opinions on the matter.