November 30, 2016

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I miss blogging. I can never seem to justify writing a blog post when I have papers and quizzes to complete. However, I worked super hard this week so I am rewarding myself before beginning the next set of end of semester projects. I can't believe how quickly this semester has gone by.

-Joseph F. Smith
My heart will cherish the memories of last weekend.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Maybe it is because I have so much to be thankful for. I'm so blessed with wonderful people in my life.
While Thanksgiving truly is my favorite, my favorite part of Thanksgiving happens Wednesday night. We call it Pie Night- it is the best tradition. You see if you eat the way my family eats you get full to the breaking point with Turkey and all appropriate sides during dinner. You might be able to muscle down one piece of pie an hour later. It is for this reason we hold pie night. Pie deserves to be the center of attention. We include an actual meal but many people skip over it and dive into the pie. Everyone brings several and you eat until you're sick. The left over pies are served the next day as well. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving with a prelude of pies than in my opinion- you're doing it wrong.
The rest of the weekend was just as enjoyable as that pie night. We gathered for breakfast with the Frodsham family and dinner with the Marchants. I love those People more than I know how to express. For the last few days we headed to St. George and played played played. It was Coco's birthday! I hadn't seen her since August and about cried like she did when we pulled in around midnight. Some car trouble made us all grateful that everyone made it home to be together. It was fun to have Thomas over for all the fun. Leaving St. George was almost physically painful on Sunday. I miss living there.

It is a good thing He lives in Provo.
Even though the snow came down relentlessly on Monday it was one of my favorite days. Thomas's nephew was born so I ditched out on New Testament and tagged along to a fun filled day with the Rich family. Their family has been decorating a tree at the festival of trees since it opened. I had never been before and loved spending the day there meeting lots of family and taking part in such a fun tradition. They are good people.
The highlight of the day was watching Thomas meet that brand new baby. I've heard about this little guy since I met Thomas. He has loved him for a long time now. Meet Bentley Matthew Rich a beautiful baby boy who made it to the world in time to catch the Jazz game.

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